1.  Take SLEX Southbound towards Batangas City.
  2. Take the IBAAN/SAN JOSE Exit.
  3. Continue straight ahead for approximately 5KM until you reach SAN JOSE CHURCH.
  4. After approximately .4KM, turn left on the main highway. Look for a small store named WILMA & OZAETA.
  5. Continue straight for about 10KM until you reach the diversion road going to Bauan. Once you reach the diversion, turn right.
  6. Continue straight until you reach the overpass. Stay on the right lane – DO NOT GO ON THE BRIDGE. Turn right at the first right.
  7. Continue straight until you reach Jollibee Bauan. Turn right.
  8. Continue straight until you reach Bauan General Hospital (it should be on your left). Take the first left after Bauan General Hospital.
  9. Continue straight until you reach the TRIANGLE INTERSECTION. Take the road on the right.
  10. After approximately 1.5KM, turn left going to Barangay San Teodoro, Sitio Aguada. Do not reach the Anilao Port. Just turn back if you do.
  11. Continue straight for about 12KM, and you will have reached Vivere AZURE on your right.